About Ann

Ann Moore has always loved books, but it’s taken her a while to figure out she could make a living that way.

She went to school for Neuroscience, but one day while she was hooking up a rat to a stimulator machine to make it have a seizure, she thought to herself, “This might not really be my thing.” She signed up for some English courses and was astonished to find that reading books and talking about them could earn similar credits to the ones she had gotten in biology drinking different fluids and measuring how much pee came out. She thought she had figured out some kind of secret short cut (also known as finding something she was interested in) and finished triumphantly with a double major, thinking she had pulled one over on The University of Toronto.

After school ended, Ann still thought that books were too much fun to be work.

She started working in business, writing business plans, reports, and letters. Half the time she had no idea what anyone was talking about, but apparently she was good at writing it all down. Her colleagues were always interested in what novel was sitting on the corner of her desk for subway reading. She met her husband Phil at work, and began to look forward to maternity leave.

C and R were born, and finally Ann knew how she wanted to spend most of her time – hanging with her kids. Phil offered her a weekly “mommy’s night out,” and when her friends couldn’t make it out she happily drank a beer and ate dinner at her neighborhood pub alone. She started to write during these outings, and so far, she hasn’t stopped.