Girl Reinvented

Tabitha Mahony has always been that smart, polite, heavy girl who flies under everyone’s radar, until one day an unfortunate low rise jeans incident brings her the kind of publicity no one is looking for.

Rather than taking the challenge in stride, Tabitha begins to question the personality she has relied on for the past sixteen years. What has she gained from being who she is? She only has one crazy loudmouth friend, she has zero prospects in the guy department, she’s basically a parent to her mother and older pothead brother, and she feels miserable most of the time. She wonders what would happen if she suddenly decided to become someone entirely different. What would happen if you did? Would you ask out that crush? Confront that pretty little sour-faced girl in the tennis skirt? Get drunk? Jump out of a plane?

Yeah, so would she.

Follow the LOL exploits of Tabitha Mahony as she tests the limits of her new personality and stumbles her way into romance, all the while learning more about who she really is.

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