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A day in the life of mom

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A day in the life of mom

Get up. Get yourself up because if you roll over it will be far more painful to get up later and you won’t have gotten a work-out in. Get up. Whatever you do, remember the passport forms today.

Drive. Push it push it, spin, spin, spin. Do you want to waste away in your seventies? Look flabby in that “hot” one-piecer you just picked up? Then push it.

Drive home. Have you sent those thank you cards? I wonder how my friends are. How long has it been since I talked to Jen? Later.

Coffee, coffee, thank the Good Lord for coffee.

Kids in the house. Warm, sleepy, hugs. Delicious.

“Sorry, no yogurt today.”

“I know you eat yogurt each and every day, but there’s none today, and there’s no toast either. There are some perfectly good Cheerios. Yes I am a failure as a mother, thank you very much.”

Laundry, laundry, there’s always laundry.

Exactly six more minutes until they need to be in school. If there’s no food in their stomachs by then I’m a bad mother.


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Is Twitter Like Online Therapy for Teens?

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Is Twitter Like Online Therapy for Teens?

Twitter can be noisy. Silly. Crude. Mundane. Commercial. Self-promoting. Therapeutic. Wait, what was that last one?

I won’t lie, the reason I got into Twitter had to do with the second-last descriptor. When I set my sights on publishing a novel for teen girls, I thought I should get to know my audience better. I had to build my ‘author platform’ and become capable of navigating the social media world. Although in the beginning I felt slightly creepy about doing it, I began to follow young adults, and as general Twitter courtesy dictates, many followed me back.

Most of what I’ve seen is light, or funny, or intended to get attention. But the surprising part of this Twitter experience for me has been that more often than you’d think, sandwiched between tweets like:

“Don’t ever try to drink nutella it doesn’t work”


“Drop my phone on my face way too often”

I find tweets like these (legit, random, and from distinct people):

“You could have just said you hated me instead of having me figure it out on my own.”

“You’re ashamed of me”

I’m not sure why I’m shocked when I see them. I guess I come from a family and generation that doesn’t share so openly. At first I found myself wondering what good it would do to share sensitive thoughts with hundreds or even thousands of strangers.

“All I ever wanted to do was make you proud”

“I hate crying myself to sleep, it’s the worst. I just wanna be happy ☹”

Do they realize that these tweets won’t go away? That they might read them later and remember? Relive?

“I know I said I would quit but I was upset and really needed a few hits.”

“I don’t think me and mums relationship will survive this operation”

“Dad most people say hi when I walk through the door but thanks for that”

“I hate everything about myself”

Some get reactions and replies. Validation. Support.

“I wish I can go a day without worrying about how fat I feel or how ugly I think I am.”
5 retweets (followers who have passed the tweet to their own followers’ timelines, likely in agreement)
Response: “That makes two of us”
Response: “1 you’re not fat, 2 you’re beautiful & 3 I love you the way that u are!”

“Hate people who let you down”
7 retweets, 1 favorite (star of approval)
Response: “What’s up mate”

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I’ll Share My Life With You, But Not My Cash

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I’ll Share My Life With You, But Not My Cash

So you should know that tomorrow is a pretty big day for me. You can write and tell me congratulations and good luck, if you want to. It’s not my birthday, or Quanza, or Robbie Burns day, whenever that is. Tomorrow is the day I’m going to darken the door of Rainbow Jeans and buy a $250 pair of Hudsons even though I have no money, and even though my credit card is about to see a lot of action with Christmas on its way. I’m not going to tell my husband a word about my little shopping spree, but I’m sure it will improve my marriage.

Ages ago, when it came time to buy a new pair of jeans, I would visit every store in a normal mall until I found a pair that fell kind of right at a price that made sure I could still sleep at night. Usually I would end up at the Gap. You see, I’m a frugal, practical person who isn’t the type to read fashion mags to make sure I’m fashion forward, so that process suited me just fine. And then, I met my husband and his friends, and all of them were always wearing nice jeans. In the beginning, I silently smiled at them for buying expensive pants just because they had someone’s name on them that were probably made by the exact same Chinese people who were sewing mine, and happily waited around for a Gap 50% off sale.

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